Preview Pictures of my new MiniAmp Project

Here are some pictures of a new MiniAmp project I’m working on, I’m just in the process of fine-tuning the circuit…

…the MiniAmp 2.0 with a testing load attached…

… me inspecting the circuit for errors …

…the MiniAmp 2.0 on my Tweed Deluxe ready for getting put through the paces. Stay tuned for more details…


11 Responses to “Preview Pictures of my new MiniAmp Project”

  1. Giulio Says:

    What tubes do you use for this?

  2. Giulio Says:

    When will you relase the schematic?I’m very intrested in it 🙂

    • Sry, I’m a little bit busy right now, I can’t really tell when I will find the time to get back on finalizing the circuit and draw the schematic, but I would guess it will be within a month at the latest. I’m planning to do some sound samples, too! 🙂

  3. Giulio Says:

    Ok, i’ll be here. 😉

  4. Rob Waters Says:

    I’m also very anxious to get my hand on the schematic.

  5. hola exelente pedalcito he !!! sera que puedes subir los planos de construccion, sigue adelante em saludos !!

  6. guitar amp Says:

    Sorry for my English I am not good in it. I have a problem with the output transformer. Can I use this please?

  7. This is insanely cool. An links to an audio or video file of how it sounds??

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