Hi and welcome to my blog!


in the future I will post about some of my DIY projects here, so stay tuned!


7 Responses to “Hi and welcome to my blog!”

  1. Craig Zimmerman Says:

    Real quick . . . being a fellow gear geek, have you experimented with the Weber 12A125A in your 5e3? If so, what are your thoughts compared to your current Celestion G12-30? I dig the tone you are getting with the Celestion, but I know that is only one piece of the sound puzzle (guitar, fingers, mods, tubes, etc). Finally, that Celestion is the old one that was made in 1979 ish that wasn’t to terribly popular and can be had for $30 – $50 dollars now?


  2. Jacquet Says:

    kannst du mir bitte sagen, was der “Phase Inverter” ist, auf dem Schaltplan MiniAmp2.0 ?
    What’s the phase inverter on your schema for the MiniAmp2.0 ?

    Thanks ! :-))
    BRUNO / Black Forest

    • Hi, die Triode V2b ist als Cathodyne Phase Inverter beschaltet.

      Hi, the triode V2b is wired as a cathodyne phase inverter.

  3. cmon mn what happened there was some good stuff being built here!

  4. Lawry Goodwin Says:

    Hi from Australia.
    I am currently working on your MiniAmp 2.0 and modding it slightly for TB tone and a master volume. This way I can install the whole thing into a gutted Vox Pathfinder. anyway, I have a non-electronically based question… which program do you use to draw your schematics? It always looks great to see properly drawn schematics instead of hand-drawn. And it helps to reduce ambiguity too.


  5. Hi: I was wondering if you could help with an ina217 build. I have the datasheet (fig 4) and want to know which components to leave out if there is no phantom power.

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